Lawanda HollimanLawanda J. Holliman, a retired military officer, and South Carolina native is a preeminent Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant and the President of Everything Etiquette and You. Ms. Holliman has worked with government and business professionals, developing governance and training programs which serve as a basis for individual and group success. Colonel (R) Lawanda J. Holliman, established, recruited, and trained the first ever Army Reserves Stay Behind Equipment Team working with people from around the United States and over three different countries at once. Her interpersonal skills developed significantly while working with the government, corporations and learning institutions during her 26 year military career. As a result, her enhanced ability to understand and instruct others in respecting the culture and customs of others – an important aspect for interacting in our global environment, serves to help others to do the same. Ms. Holliman was trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington®, the leader in business image coaching, etiquette and protocol services. She is certified in children’s etiquette by The American School of Protocol and she also holds the coveted certification in Conflict Resolution – Alternative Dispute Resolution. Ms. Holliman holds a Masters in Strategic Studies (Executive Leadership) from the Army War College, a Masters in Business Administration from Liberty University, and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in mathematics from Columbia College.

Building on the selfless service she provided to her country, she continues giving to others as she helps clients make positive first impressions that last ~ Helping Real People, Make Real Change, For Real Results.