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Welcome to Everything Etiquette and You

Our Services

business-people_OPTFor the ultimate professional, your ability to represent yourself and the company well is a priority. Your goal is to maintain the Professional Polish in a way that moves you from where you are to where you want to be. Topics covered in Professional Polish are designed to help develop your personal and professional brand as you build relationships with each interaction. Presenting yourself with poise and polish is sure to help people feel comfortable with you and what you bring to the organization.  Click to Learn More


Outclass the Competition: For the leadership and management team of your organization, cultivating solid   business etiquette skills, along with the internal programs of your organization is important to being able to Outclass the Competition. This program is great for leaders and managers who want to establish their ability to lead others in their professional growth beyond their technical abilities. Business Etiquette is a much needed tool for your toolkit to give you that competitive advantage. Seminars are tailored to meet your specific training needs.  Click to Learn More

Slider Image 1 etiquetteWhether you are the highest-level executive(s) in senior management or grooming others who are new to the workforce, The Etiquette Edge Advantage™ is for you. In today’s competitive global environment, corporations and the individuals who represent them must continuously set themselves apart while leading change in the marketplace. The Etiquette Edge Advantage™ is ideal for clients who want to sharpen leadership, professional and business social skills all at the same time. Additionally, this course will help clients take their professional interaction skills to the next level.  Click to Learn More

lecture imageCommunicate for Impact: This seminar gives clients the confidence and authority to establish interpersonal skills needed for success whether they are in the office working with peers or representing the organizations brand image. Whether it is listening, presenting or dealing with difficult people, effective communication skills make a difference in your ability to make a positive impact in your professional, social and personal life.  Click to Learn More

Our Company Values


Excellence: Excellence is our standard and mode of operation. We realize that the articulation of etiquette in a visual and concrete manner involves excellence. It is etiquette in action.


Exposure: Exposure is the holistic way in which we make known the practical application of etiquette skills. Providing clients exposure to realistic, relevant and interactive training is critical to success.


Experience: Experience increases and develops confidence and professional polish for each client. Undergoing interactive training is the hallmark for creating enhanced success in interaction encounters.


Respect: Respect is foundational. We believe that everyone is to be respected and honored for their differences, values and contributions that positively impact the world. Everyone has value.


Innovation: Create opportunities to have fun and be innovative in how we interact with others. We believe life is meant to be enjoyed. Honing and developing an ability to interact with others in a respectful, polished and professional manner helps everyone enjoy the journey of life.

Who We Are
What We Do
Why it Matters

Who We Are: Everything Etiquette and You is a leader in the Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consulting and Training arena for Corporations, Government, Learning Institutions and Civic organizations.

What We Do: Everything Etiquette and You exist to empower each client with the Business Etiquette/Social Intelligence and leadership skills to make positive first impressions that last, build relationships based on mutual interest and increase bottom lines for organizational sustainability.

Why It Matters: Conscience savvy organizations and individuals recognize that relationships are critical to the success and sustainability of the goals they endeavor to reach. Etiquette/Social Intelligence training help clients connect and develop relationships that aid in their efforts to solve problems, generate business and positively impact the world.